Toph tried their ideal, not, to protect Appa out of getting stolen by the sandbenders

Toph tried their ideal, not, to protect Appa out of getting stolen by the sandbenders

Adopting the Hundred year Conflict, Toph Avatar, merely to sign-up back up together with them when she heard Appa traveling along the Beifong Metalbending Academy prior to the brand new skirmish during the Yu Dao. Due to the fact that he had been deep when you look at the meditation with Roku, Aang don’t seem to instantly realize she got returned; but not, after they had landed, the guy greeted the girl which have an embrace exactly as Katara and you will Sokka got, a matter generated slightly hard from the fact that he had clearly outgrown Toph over the past season (paid because of the their bending off along with her standing on the guidelines from the girl base inside kiss).

Adopting the war, Aang along with advised Toph to eat create thus she could be “healhty” and a keen “determination so you’re able to earthbenders everywhere”, although she simply discovered a few products as tolerable. [27] [28]

Inside the stop regarding Yakone, Toph still known as Avatar by nickname “Twinkle Foot”, even after his grievances he are forty years old, that he said to be “too old getting nicknames”. [29]

Toph disliked and you will dreaded flying, as it rendered their it’s blind and you will cut their connection to the earth; at best, she looked as an alternative annoyed and you can restless while you are flying on Appa. This is emphasized whenever she claimed for saw the fresh new titular collection away from Appa’s right back, merely to encourage the woman family members you to she try blind. [30]

Toph conveyed hate on the Appa when she angrily realized that Appa’s dropping kept a huge path you to definitely greet Azula to track down her or him no matter how far otherwise fast they flew. [16]

She are incapable of strive her hardest, given that she try obsessed having remaining Aang, Katara, and you may Sokka’s simply get-off regarding an old collection away from dropping towards the sand, which restricted the girl abilities. This triggered the woman so you can falter inside protecting Appa, some thing she tearfully apologized toward bison for under the girl breathing as he are dragged aside. [30] When Aang angrily lashed away in the the woman to own failing continually to include Appa, she didn’t attempt to guard by herself in her own usual style and you can remained quiet, proving you to definitely she attributed herself heavily having dropping Appa regardless of the points having managed to get impossible to cut your.

Toph, plus everyone, is actually overjoyed observe Appa once again as he returned to brand new group from the Lake Laogai. [31] Even with the woman chronic hate for flying, Toph cared more info on Appa inside the afterwards attacks.


Toph harbored higher esteem and empathy toward these animals. When she try more youthful, she went on the move and you can satisfied these giant earthbenders inside a cavern. She approved by herself inside them, given that she know their loss of sight. They demonstrated the woman love too and ultimately trained their earthbending, particularly their own way of sensing their surroundings is capable of seeing. Brand new badgermoles was Toph’s real professionals as well as for it cause, she exhibited respect when you are discussing them. [7]


Bolin got started to idolize Toph just like the discoverer of metalbending and another of the greatest earthbenders at this moment. Toph came across Bolin whenever she met up which have Lin and you can Opal on their objective so you’re able to save your self the remainder of Suyin’s nearest and dearest. Toph was skeptical out-of Bolin’s desperate thoughts and you will molded a very negative effect away from him when she unearthed that he had shortly after struggled to obtain Kuvira, especially for the woman granddaughter’s boyfriend. not, Toph performed beginning to warm up so you can Bolin throughout their trip. Because they camped, she stated one she could have instructed your to metalbend at the the girl academy, and even though Bolin are somewhat embarassed of his failure accomplish therefore, Toph try satisfied when he indicated that he could lavabend. The following day, they spent some time working in addition to Lin to save your self the new Beifong relatives. By the end of trip, Toph and you will Bolin got a friendly matchmaking, but he could however annoy the lady: Whenever Toph is claiming goodbye so you can her daughters, Bolin interrupted the newest heartwarming minute, and you may Toph desired the remainder of the woman family members a secure travels back into the “gumflapper”. [1]

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